Laser Hair Removal 101

By KMC MedSpa – Are you tired of having to constantly shave? The upkeep is continuous, so shouldn’t there be a more permanent solution? Don’t worry – there is – with Laser Hair Removal at KMC! Here is an easy guide with our top recommendations to make your laser hair removal treatments effective, comfortable and … Continue reading Laser Hair Removal 101


Life-giving sun can be damaging to skin

By Joseph Gadzia, MD KMC Dermatology   The sun is the life-giver on our planet. It provides the light and the warmth that we need to survive. It also, however, gives off two types of radiation that penetrate the atmosphere, clouds and the layers of our skin. That radiation is in the form of UVA … Continue reading Life-giving sun can be damaging to skin

What Can Be Done About Hair Loss?

By Dr. Meena Singh, KMC Dermatology and MedSpa Many individuals will experience alopecia or hair loss over their lifetime. The most important aspect to mitigating ongoing hair loss and restoring and rethickening hairs, entails properly recognizing the type of hair loss. The more common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia or Male/Female patterned balding. Without … Continue reading What Can Be Done About Hair Loss?