Kansas Ballet’s Wizard of Oz!

Kansas Ballet, a great supporter of Topeka Health and Wellness Magazine and of improving the healthfulness of their students through disciplined training in the art of ballet, will be presenting its 7th Annual Summer Showcase at 7:00 p.m. at Topeka Performing Arts Center on Saturday, July 27. Act I features guest artists Nicole Graniero and … Continue reading Kansas Ballet’s Wizard of Oz!

6 disciplines for living healthy like a Nutcracker dancer

To be a Nutcracker dancer requires extreme dedication – and at a time when many family and friends are enjoying fatty treats and lounging around watching football. What health lessons can Nutcracker dancers share to help everyone enjoy a more fit lifestyle during this holiday season? Enjoy your food, but watch your portions! It’s completely … Continue reading 6 disciplines for living healthy like a Nutcracker dancer

Benefits of ballet you may not know about

With the start of a new year, you may be considering your options for improving your health in 2018. You have options – gym, kickboxing, daily walks or jogging, starting a new diet – but an option you may not have considered for yourself or your child is taking ballet classes. Why should ballet classes … Continue reading Benefits of ballet you may not know about

Healthy Lessons from Nutcracker Dancers

At Christmas time, Topeka is blessed with multiple performances of the ballet classic, The Nutcracker. Dancers prepare for several months to burst out onto the stage wearing their tutus, costumes and pointe shoes with perfect coordination among dancers to Tchaikovsky’s classical music (at our own version of The Nutcracker, we are especially blessed to be … Continue reading Healthy Lessons from Nutcracker Dancers