How to Stay Hydrated Before, During, and After Your Runs

By Christine Luff – Staying hydrated is critical to your running performance and, more importantly, for preventing heat-related illnesses. Dehydration in athletes may lead to fatigue, headaches, decreased coordination, and muscle cramping. Other heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke, have even more serious consequences. Pre-Run Hydration If you're doing a long run... Continue Reading →


5 Ways to Reduce Everyday Stress

Deadlines, responsibilities, bills -- there are so many causes of stress in our lives. Unfortunately, stress can take a negative toll on one’s health and wellness, particularly if it goes unaddressed for too long. Indeed, common effects of stress include headaches, stomach upset, anxiety, sleep problems and more, according to the Mayo Clinic. Consider these... Continue Reading →

Overuse injuries in youth sports

How are overuse injuries different than other injuries? When athletes sustain a concussion or break a wrist, they have suffered an acute injury. An acute injury usually results from a singular event such as a hit or fall. By contrast, an overuse injury develops slowly over time due to repetitive stress on tendons, muscles, bones... Continue Reading →

Laser Hair Removal 101

By KMC MedSpa – Are you tired of having to constantly shave? The upkeep is continuous, so shouldn’t there be a more permanent solution? Don’t worry – there is – with Laser Hair Removal at KMC! Here is an easy guide with our top recommendations to make your laser hair removal treatments effective, comfortable and... Continue Reading →

Dog Sports Can Help Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

Dog sports can help keep active dogs both physically and mentally healthy by providing much-needed exercise, companionship, interaction, neural stimulation, and even socialization in some cases. While all dogs need some degree of exercise, most will actually thrive when given the extra stimulation and purpose. Very active dogs, especially the “working breeds,” are ideal candidates... Continue Reading →

Morita Therapy and Addiction

By Michelle Clearwater, BA, LAC   Generally, those who abuse substances do so to accomplish a numbness.  They have become so sensitive and focused on their own feelings, it is like scraping raw nerves with every emotion they are made to endure.  Pain becomes the reigning feeling. When an addict is unable to numb their... Continue Reading →

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