Gymnastics company grows into a new location

By Triny Beckman

     Capital Gymnastics & Athletics (formerly CAGE) is in the business of growth.  Growing the dreams and goals of our athletes, big and small.  Growing awareness about the benefits of gymnastics not just now, but for life.  Growing healthy habits not just for exercising but for time management and conquering fears.  Every day we see small steps in growth from our athletes.  Some days it takes a step or two backwards to realize what you need to do to go forward again.  It’s very challenging to teach children that a setback is not a failure.  That you don’t need to compare yourself to your friends.  That each of us is on our own path to better versions of ourselves.  

     It was only a matter of time before CAGE itself needed to grow in our mission and our actual building, too.  After 20 years on 37th street in a building that we had long outgrown, we finally made a HUGE decision to take a giant step forward and go way outside of our comfort zone. 

     Every practice, I ask kids to go outside their comfort zone and flip and twist their bodies in ways that scare most people.  It was time.  Along with my business partners, our team of coaches and some of our awesome parents, we jumped in with both feet and moved a whole 2 miles down 37th street!  Along with physically moving, we also changed our name to Capital Gymnastics & Athletics to better encompass who we are now.

     Our new location is almost double the size we were used to, and offers enough space to safely teach a wider variety of classes.  

     We have a large, comfortable parent viewing area and we offer an app that you can download straight to your phone to have access to the gym cameras and be able to see more angles of the gym.  

     Our Preschool area is right up front by the parent viewing window so that the littlest gymnasts can easily wave to mom or dad.  We even offer parent assisted classes if your toddler isn’t ready to go out on their own yet.

     Our school age recreational gymnastics classes have their own area and a brand new “quad” bar just for them.  It’s 4 bars attached to one large base.  A single adjustable bar, parallel bars, uneven bars and even a set of rings!

     The Ninja classes have a large corner of the gym with the warp wall, bars, trampoline, vaulting boxes and more!  It’s been wonderful for a lot of parents to have the ninja classes and gymnastics classes at the same location again so that they can have a child in each program on the same night of the week.

     The Competition Team has designated equipment also.  Instead of everyone getting limited time on certain events, we are able to take more turns and get more accomplished per practice because we were able to utilize the space so much more effectively than our previous location.

     We still have a foam pit!  We still offer awesome birthday party packages AND now we have a real birthday party room for refreshments and presents!

     We have grown into a better version of us.  Our purpose is to continue to grow and to teach others how to grow.  We will continue to teach kids how to face their fears, how to make and achieve goals and how you can do anything if you are willing to work for it. 

     I am proud to be a business owner in Topeka.  I am proud to work with children and teens every day that are brave and smart and sometimes don’t give themselves enough credit for what they can do. 

     Thank you, Topeka, for 20 years – I am looking forward to the next 20!


Triny Beckman

Owner, Capital Gymnastics & Athletics

3740 SW South Park Ave 
Topeka, KS. 66609
ph. 785-266-4151    

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