Comprehensive Disease Management

Comprehensive disease management, or CDM, is a holistic approach to the management of chronic and life-limiting disease, utilizing an X-factor approach to guide those we serve through the complex and often turbulent journey that is living life with a serious illness, by providing care grounded in Christ-like values of patience, honesty and compassion.

What Is Comprehensive Disease Management?

The CDM program is designed to assist people in optimizing the utilization of all available home care services as well as community resources. The CDM nurse can help establish goals of treatment and advance care planning with the patient and their family, as well as facilitate the completion of DPOA/Advance Directive paperwork. The most important goal of the CDM program is to improve the quality of life for all CDM patients and their families, which will increase the opportunity for each person to create more moments and be present in them.

Patients who live with chronic or life-limiting conditions often require a high level of health care services. From frequent doctor visits, medication management, emergency care and managing the day-to-day care, people can find themselves feeling overwhelmed as they are also juggling their own full-time jobs, families, and responsibilities. With CDM, Phoenix Home Care and Hospice professionals will evaluate your chronically ill loved one’s condition and implement a comprehensive care plan. Your loved one’s CDM plan will not only improve their physical health and comfort – it will give you, the caretaker, peace of mind as our professionals help you navigate the complex world of healthcare.


Individualized Care

When you choose to implement CDM services, Phoenix Home Care and Hospice professionals will begin by setting goals based on your loved one’s needs. We want to be your healthcare experts, using our experience to help you navigate the complex world of long-term care. A comprehensive disease management plan can also help you increase your loved one’s comfort, while decreasing emergency visits, hospitalizations, falls, and other issues that often accompany a chronic illness.



One of the major goals of comprehensive disease management is educating caregivers on a variety of health care resources. Although a number of resources exist, finding and utilizing them can be daunting for caregivers. At Phoenix Home Care and Hospice, we’re committed to helping patients and their families connect to and qualify for community resources, including Medicare and Medicaid services.


Advance Care Planning

When you’re caring for a loved one with a chronic illness, planning ahead is important. Thorough advance care planning is essential to ensure your loved one is well cared for throughout their journey when living with a life-limiting illness. Completing Power of Attorney paperwork and end-of-life advance directives provides peace for the entire family. Phoenix Home Care and Hospice is available to provide assistance with a variety of advance care planning strategies including completion of Durable Power of Attorney papers and disease-specific advance directives.


Financial Benefits

When our experts establish your comprehensive disease management plan, they will identify a number of ways to keep your loved one safer as their disease progresses. In turn, you’ll likely reduce the occurrence of avoidable medical expenses such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations.


Who Pays for Comprehensive Disease Management?

Medicare will provide 100% coverage for CDM services. Most private insurances include some coverage for the CDM benefit.

The Phoenix Home Health, Comprehensive Disease Management, & Hospice team works directly with you and your physician to create an individualized plan of care that will meet your needs and help you live life the way you choose.

Developing a plan to manage your loved one’s chronic illness doesn’t have to be overwhelming. To begin comprehensive disease management services or for more information, contact Phoenix Home Care and Hospice.


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