COPING WITH THE HOLIDAYS: Helpful Tips to Assist Caregivers and Their Loved Ones

Having the “Holiday Blues” can bring feelings of disappointment, depression, anxiety, and dread that last through the holidays and into the New Year, especially for seniors and their caregivers. Seniors may feel isolated, alone, scared and depressed. Many caregivers may feel stretched beyond their limits, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the sheer responsibility that has been placed on their shoulders. If this sounds familiar, remember this: the challenges seniors and caregivers face every day are shared challenges.

Angels Care Home Health understands the challenges faced by seniors during the holidays and the caregivers that provide care for seniors suffering from behavioral health issues. Following are some tips to assist caregivers and their loved ones in minimizing their stress and better cope with the holidays.

  • Acknowledge Your Feelings – If you are sad that the season has brought on feelings of grief, it is OK to be sad. You cannot force yourself to be happy.
  • Seek Support – Visit with people, call family or friends and get involved. Don’t be a martyr.
  • Be Realistic – Don’t set yourself up with expectations of “The Family Traditions.”
  • Set Differences Aside – Try to accept family members as they are, even if they don’t live up to your expectations.
  • Stick to a Budget – Do not set yourself up with huge debt!
  • Plan Ahead – Set up a time schedule for shopping, baking, and gatherings. Do not overload yourself.
  • Learn to say NO – Believe it or not, people will understand. Say yes to only things you want to do.
  • Take time for Yourself – Take a breather and relax.
  • Don’t Abandon Healthy Habits – Eat right, sleep, and exercise.
  • Rethink Perfection – Life is not a “Hallmark” card. Accept imperfections in others and yourself.
  • Rethink Resolutions – Set realistic goals and choose resolutions that make you feel valuable.
  • Seek professional help if you need it – Despite your best efforts, you may be depressed.

Caregivers can also to consider nursing services for their loved one to oversee their physical and mental health and to obtain 24/7 support and education for themselves, as a caregiver, about communication strategies and environmental modifications that can be made to reduce and prevent problematic behaviors and safety risks. The goal of home health is to keep your loved one in the home for as long as possible, as safely as possible.

Another option is to see if your loved one can benefit from the Angels Care Home Health Behavioral Health at Home Program. The program was developed to provide care for patients and families suffering from behavioral health issues and, if a patient qualifies, can help with anxiety, depression/grief, difficulty coping, uncontrolled anger, hallucinating behavior, psychosocial issues, emotional withdrawal and more.

For more information about the Behavioral Health at Home Program or to find out more about home health services, call the Angels Care office in Topeka at 785-273-3560 or visit Angels Care Home Health is a Medicare-certified agency proudly serving Topeka and the surrounding areas.

Angels Care Home Health


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