Kids’ Eye Care Q&A: You Asked, We Answer!

Dr. Rhonda Hutton, OD, Optometrist

As an optometrist primarily treating children, I get questions about children’s eye care all the time. Below are some common questions and their answers. If you have questions about your child’s eyes, don’t hesitate to call us at Adventure Dental and Vision!

What do I do if my child gets something in their eye?

Foreign bodies on the surface of the eye should be treated with great care. Do not try to remove except by flushing with water or saline solution for risk of scratching the surface of the eye. Position your child’s head over the sink and gently pour lukewarm water over the affected eye for up to 15 minutes. If an object is embedded in the eye, seek emergency medical support.

What if my child loses or breaks his glasses?

We can usually repair or replace broken frames within five days, but it is always good to have a backup pair available if something should occur to your child’s primary pair of glasses. Medicaid covers the full cost of replacement glasses for children, so there is always a way to get another pair of frames.

What to do for a black eye?

If you child has received minor eye trauma from a fall, sporting accident or other cause, apply a cold compress for five to 10 minutes several times an hour. Do not put ice directly on the skin, instead wrap with a towel or sock. If pain ensues, give a proper dose of acetaminophen. Call your doctor if your child experiences any changes in vision, visible abnormalities to the eyeball, or drainage from the eye.

If my child passed a vision screening at school does she still need an eye exam?

Yes, she still needs a comprehensive eye exam from an optometrist with the training and equipment to detect the full range of potential childhood vision issues. Vision screenings at school typically only test for nearsightedness and are not capable of identifying more serious eye conditions. One in four children may have a vision issue that could impair development and success at school. All children should undergo eye exams every one to two years started from the time they reach six months.

How can I get my toddler to keep her glasses on?

Trying to ensure that young children stick to their vision treatment plan can be very tricky. First make sure their glasses fit perfectly. If the glasses aren’t comfortable, the child will naturally want to take them off. Use elastic straps to help keep the glasses in place. Next, try to make wearing glasses fun—find a favorite cartoon character with glasses like SpongeBob or the Minions, and fit some glasses on the child’s dolls. Reward and praise your child for wearing their glasses a little longer each day, and be a role model by wearing glasses yourself.

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common refractive disorder that affects either the shape of the cornea or the shape of the lens. For both near and far objects, vision can be blurred because the affected eye cannot focus. Astigmatism can coexist with both nearsightedness and farsightedness and should be corrected as soon as it is diagnosed. Astigmatism in kids can be difficult to diagnose because children with astigmatism sometimes don’t recognize the blurriness they see as a condition worth reporting. Comprehensive eye exams are necessary for a correct diagnosis and to rule out other eye concerns.


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Dr. Megha “Meg” Sherchan, DDS, Dentist

Dr. Meg delivers comprehensive dental care for children age 6 months to 20 years in her role as associate dentist. Dr. Meg cares for Adventure Dental and Vision patients and provides education for patients and parents on oral health and preventive dental care.


Dr. Rhonda Hutton, OD, Optometrist

Dr. Rhonda, a native Kansan, has been practicing optometry for 20 years.  She has extensive experience helping kids with vision-related reading and learning disorders and is a strong proponent of early detection of children’s vision issues.  


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